Organise Your First Commercial Event with Zero Budget: 10 practical steps

Posted on Sep 23, 2015

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Organise Your First Commercial Event with Zero Budget: 10 pr

So you are ready to start your events business but money is a factor keeping you away from starting this new venture.

Let's take money completely out of the picture.Read along and you will find out how you can organise your events without initially requiring money. Be smart, be creative and you will be able to make it work.

1. What will the event be about?

Read about different types of events people like visiting and which events  interest you the most. 

You can scan through and check which other events are happening in your city. Also make a note of most common speakers conducting these events, find their email id's, phone number or any contact info you can lay your hands.

If you have experience, knowledge, expertise in any particular type of event or topic and think people will be ready to pay to learn more about the topic or be part of thate event, go ahead and select that topic.

2. Avoid choosing yourself as the speaker of the event to cut cost

Many times event organisers tend to take the role of the speaker, it is probably considered the best way to cut cost .

If you have knowledge about the topic and think people will be willing to listen to you as a speaker finalise yourself as the speaker. But also keep in mind that it will become more difficult for you to juggle between the duties of marketing and preparing for the seminar or workshop.

At the same time it is quite difficult to market oneself, especially for someone who is new and unknown in the business.

3. Choose a venue

For your first event, choose a free venue.

So what can be a free location? Well it can be anywhere.You parents garage, your house, your friends place. Try to finalise the venue that can suffice the number of people you will target, at the same time it should go with the theme of your event.

If you are not able to find the perfect venue, select a public place, a garden, lake or beach. Anywhere you can find enough room  to carry out your event successfully.

 Just tweak the theme of your event to incorporate the new venue, for example if you are having an event on Personality Development, and if you select your nearest park as the venue.

In that case, you must make the event theme based, You can have the event on Sunday early morning in that park call it "Natural Personality Development" or  "Personality development and getting touch with roots. As mother nature is our root." or any other mambo jumbo you can think of. Idea is that people should buy the idea of the theme and not consider it as someone holding a zero budget event in the part.

Also remember to take approriate permissions if required as per local law.

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